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OS X用プレーンテキストエディタ CotEditorに追加するためのカラーリング定義ファイルです。

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v2.0.0 ()
migarated to YAML for CotEditor 2.0
v1.7 ()
update keywords in accordance with updated HTML 5.1 Nightly and HTML5 Candidate Recommendation on 4 Feburary 2014
  • added template, rb and rtc elements
v1.6 ()
update keywords in accordance with HTML 5.1 Nightly and Differences from HTML4 -W3C Working Draft 28 May 2013
  • added main and picture elements
  • added menu, sortable, sorted and srcset attributes
removed onfullscreenchange and onfullscreenerror eventhandlers
v1.5 ()
update keywords in accordance with W3C Candidate Recommendation
  • added dialog element
  • added dirname and muted attributes
  • removed pubdate attribute
  • added oncancel, onclose, oninvalid and onratechange eventhandlers
  • removed onredo, onundo and onreadystatechange eventhandlers
update keywords in accordance with WHATWG Living Standard on
  • added menuitem element
  • added allowfullscreen, inert and ping attributes
  • added onfullscreenchange and onfullscreenerror eventhandlers
fix some typos
v1.4 ()
added RDFa attributes; vocab, typeof, property, resource, prefix, about, rev, datatype and inlist in accordance with HTML+RDFa 1.1 (W3C Woking Draft)
v1.3 ()
code completion for elements and attributes
added DOCTYPE and xml statements
added numerical character references as hexadecimal number
added command and translate attributes
modified colouring criterion
v1.2 ()
fixed an issue that strings weren't highlighted correctly in the specific situation
added crossorigin, download and typemustmatch attributes
v1.1.1 ()
put time element and pubdate attribute back in accordance with Editor's Draft 4 November 2011
v1.1 ()
replaced time element (and pubdate attribute) with data element in accordance with Editor's Draft 2 November 2011
v1.0 ()
HTML5.plist v2.0.0


本シンタックス定義は最新のHTML5のみを対象にしてるので、それまでに廃止になった要素や属性はカラーリングされません2HTML5 W3C勧告候補HTML5.1 Nightly, WHATWG HTML(時点) を基準に作成されています。

  1. (X)HTML5.1を含む。
  2. 正確に書くと、W3CのHTML5とWHATWG HTMLの双方をサポートしています。よって、W3C HTML5では認められていない hgroup 要素および ping 属性も本シンタックス定義ではカラーリングします。

CotEditor syntax highlighter for HTML5

This definition is based on W3C Candidate Recommendation and WHATWG Living Standard on .


v3.0.0 ()
migarated to YAML for CotEditor 2.0
v2.3.1 ()
added keyword "NaN" to number
v2.3 ()
added new keywords on gnuplot v4.6
v2.2.1 ()
fixed an issue that some syntax highlighting might not work well under the specific environment
v2.2 ()
swapped definitions of keywords and values
v2.1 ()
added numeric definition and *some* abbreviated keywords
v2.0 ()
completely rewrote
v1.0 ()
gnuplot.plist v3.0.0

作図のためのコマンドラインアプリケーション gnuplot用カラーリング・シンタックス。v4.6まで対応。

CotEditor syntax highlighter for the command-line graphing utility gnuplot (based on the manual of gnuplot v4.4 and v4.6)

ImageJ Macro

v2.0.1 ()
added some missing words.
add block comment.
add numbers definition.
v2.0.0 ()
migarated to YAML for CotEditor 2.0.
added true, false and NaN constants to Value.
v1.1 ()
updated with new IJ macro functions added between v1.44 and v1.46. (thanks to Kota Miura)
changed the syntax name to 'ImageJ Macro'
v1.0 ()
ImageJ Macro.plist v2.0.1

画像処理アプリケーション ImageJのマクロ用カラーリング・シンタックス。ImageJ v1.46まで対応。

CotEditor syntax highlighter for the macro language of the image processing program ImageJ (based on the manual of ImageJ v1.46)